Ayurvedic Breaks Maison du Seignal France

3 day weekend break 
Arrive Friday afternoon or early evening for a leisurely slow start to the weekend. Take your time settling in to your new surroundings, stroll, have a drink, come and chat, have a dip in the pool or just simply relax. Switch off, unplug and disconnect!!
An Ayurvedic consultation and then dinner at 7.30. Wind down and prepare for sleep with a herbal bath, relaxing teas and an evening playlist.
Morning meditation, asanas and pranayama at 7.30 am before breakfast. A morning for Ayurvedic therapies determined by your Ayurvedic consultation. Lunch at 1.00 pm.
An afternoon of  Ayurvedic rituals to help you incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life.
Early evening Yoga Nidra at 5.30 pm followed by dinner at 7.30 pm. Prepare for sleep.
Leisurely Sunday morning breakfast, departing mid morning with a plan for your future journey with Ayurveda.
10 day Ayurvedic detox 
Ayurveda has an extremely effective detox therapy called Panchakarma. This deep cleansing process is time consuming; taking 4-6 weeks, requiring a great deal of forward planning and organisation to get the best out of the programme. 
Our 10 day Ayurvedic detox programme can be an effective alternative. If done gently, it balances doshas, rectifies the digestive fire, clears metabolic pathways and strengthens organs and tissues. Improving the overall functioning of the body, increasing immunity, providing strength and vital energy.
Overview of the 10 days
The 10 day programme is broken up into 4 stages, all of which are cleansing and restorative. The first stage prepares the body for cleansing and intitaes the toxin release process. The second part is a day of total fasting supported by a fasting tea, hot water and herbal teas. The third stage supports the body in flushing out toxins loosened in the fasting stage and the final stage prepares the body to digest a wider range of foods again.
Prior to coming onto the programme, during and after we will support you with guidance, reading material, recipes and anything you may need to make the run up to the 10 days and the days after as beneficial for you and your health and well being.